by Annmarie Gatti

There’s no denying that OTT has hit the mainstream, solidifying its place in the media plans of advertisers. But as OTT continues to grow at a rapid rate, what do advertisers need to know about integrating OTT into their broadcast buys?

TEGNA Marketing offers insights into the value of integrating OTT and TV advertising in your ad campaign.

Advertisers are starting to recognize the benefits of combining TV and OTT advertising, and streaming services are making it easier and more efficient for advertisers to integrate TV and OTT in their media mix.



Annmarie Gatti is a Senior Marketing Executive with over 20 years of experience in managing physical and digital marketing and production for top-tier entertainment corporations. She has exceptional experience spearheading campaigns for high-profile releases and key entertainment franchises, and is expert in crafting strategies designed to establish market presence and increase profitability. As President of Gatti Entertainment Marketing, she has worked with Atari, TouchTunes, and Entertainment One, specializing in integrated marketing campaigns and brand management. As Senior Director of Marketing for Sony BMG Music Entertainment, she led the marketing strategy development and deployment for the Home Entertainment Group. She currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at SUNY Purchase College.