Thrusting broadcasters into the digital future: E-Book from FierceBroadcasting

Premion President, Jim Wilson, provides insights on Premion and OTT advertising in FierceBroadcasting’s new eBook “Thrusting Broadcasters into the Digital Future”…

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eBook intro:
Television’s “big iron” broadcasting systems—vast collections of wires and machines in use since the medium’s birth nearly a century ago—are fading away as operations shift toward the cloud. This massive transition to IP protocols is far from complete but already the industry is trying to stay ahead of its many business implications.

The “on-off” switch still works the same, but nearly everything else has changed about connecting viewers with programming. Signals once transmitted in analog fashion via dedicated satellites and received with antenna are now encoded and distributed digitally and streamed via broadband. And it isn’t just a single industry modernizing in isolation – broadcast TV’s changes are occurring against the backdrop of relentless shifts across media and technology. Video content is now served up via dozens of connected devices, across more than 120 OTT networks and countless websites.  Continue reading here…

Annmarie Gatti is a Senior Marketing Executive with over 20 years of experience in managing physical and digital marketing and production for top-tier entertainment corporations. She has exceptional experience spearheading campaigns for high-profile releases and key entertainment franchises, and is expert in crafting strategies designed to establish market presence and increase profitability. As President of Gatti Entertainment Marketing, she has worked with Atari, TouchTunes, and Entertainment One, specializing in integrated marketing campaigns and brand management. As Senior Director of Marketing for Sony BMG Music Entertainment, she led the marketing strategy development and deployment for the Home Entertainment Group. She currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at SUNY Purchase College.
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