This month, I attended the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Springs, where industry leaders gathered to share perspectives on how brands can compete and thrive in the 21st Century. In particular, the OTT session generated lively discussions to a packed audience of ad agencies, brands and publishers on the implications for a cord-never world.

Here are 5 unequivocal takeaways from the OTT session:

1.    Media buyers are prioritizing OTT/CTV in their media plans 

The shift is underway with ad agency clients dictating that they want to move more spend from other media segments into OTT/CTVC. As cable subscriptions continue to decline and cord-cutters now making up as much as 58 million U.S. viewers, agencies and advertisers realize that viewers of OTT/CTV now make up a substantial portion of all TV viewing. As such, the smart strategy is to follow the eyeballs with their advertising investment.

2.    OTT/CTV is fraud free

Fraud remains a top-of-mind industry issue and the consensus among the panelists and attendees is that OTT offers a definitive fraud free option: a better and safer choice than programmatic. Since OTT is in a subscription environment, where a walled garden environment exists between the viewer and the OTT video player, you have to be authenticated or recognized even on free ad-supported OTT services.

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