Five Tips for Effective OTT/CTV Advertising Buying and Planning

By Brian Hunt, Premion, Corporate VP of Business Development
LinkedIn, Nov 29, 2017

I recently spoke at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) OTT: Local Media Case Studies panel to share insights on advancements in the rapidly growing OTT or CTV (connected TV) space. In 2017, a total of 22.2 million U.S. adults will have cut the cord as more consumers turn to OTT as their primary video signal.

The dramatic shift in media viewing habits present real challenges for traditional local DMA media buyers. Media buyers and planners need to get acclimated on the OTT landscape to effectively reach the right audiences on these new distribution platforms.

Click here to LinkedIn to read about the five tips for effective buying and planning of OTT advertising from our panel…

And a short video clip about Premion:

Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers Spark the New Era of Advertising: Jim Wilson on Cheddar TV

Jim Wilson Cheddar TV NYSE

The new era of advertising is here. Consumer eyes are moving away from cable TV and towards OTT providers. Premion President Jim Wilson shares insights on OTT and how Premion helps advertisers reach cord-cutters as they migrate away from traditional media outlets…

You can see the full interview here on Cheddar TV:

Jim Wilson Cheddar TV Interview NYSE

Cheddar TV talks OTT with Premion President Jim Wilson at the NY Stock Exchange

Jim Wilson Cheddar TV Interview NYSE
Premion president Jim Wilson joined Cheddar TV today at the New York Stock Exchange to discuss OTT.

Premion president Jim Wilson talks OTT advertising business momentum with Cheddar TV’s Kristin Scholer and
Tim Stenovic at the NY Stock Exchange today!

Watch the clip here:
Jim Wilson Cheddar TV NYSE

Three Takeaways on How OTT is Redefining Television Advertising

By Brian Hunt, Premion, Corporate VP of Business Development
LinkedIn, November 13, 2017

Last month, I joined industry peers from Google, Nielsen, Comcast and MediaOcean in a lively panel talk on the future of television advertising at the Next TV Summit in New York. Our industry is transforming quickly and there’s one common theme that our panelists agreed on: television advertising is getting redefined every day.

Audience fragmentation is accelerating in our ‘place-shifting era,’ where people consume content anywhere, anytime and across multiple devices. In turn, advertisers are grappling with how best to reach and meet changing consumer expectations.

So how can advertisers reach their right audiences and create more effective campaigns in our fast-changing TV landscape? Click through to my LinkedIn article for three key takeaways from our panel.